5 P's and

Jen Fay

4x time MAAC tournament champion

2x MVP

4 NCAA appearances

4x All- Academic 

Now an Assistant for Quinnipiac University in Connecticut

Whats a difference between regular season and playoffs in NCAA?

As Power 5 conferences (ACC, B1G, Big12, PAC-12, SEC) already have high competition levels during the regular season, it might be easier for the Selection Committee to decide their NCAA appearance. However, for mid-major schools EVERY GAME is important, starting to build a resume from pre-conference schedule. Adding that, “We can’t lose” is what Jen says about post-season because MAAC being a mid-major conference, you have to win your conference tournament in order to get to the NCAA tourney (The Big Dance).

// Pre- Conference games are scheduled before the season starts with any other school from any other conference. The stronger the other team, the better resume you can build and earn your credibility by playing them and winning.

Playoffs can be tough, how do you keep you r body healthy? (1 or 1.5 days off)

Be smart of flipping physical reps to mental reps or maybe shortening some block of practice. Jen emphasises:” Probably coming February/ March you shouldn’t be doing 50mins of full court running through plays”. At that point everyone should know them by that point of the season. Adding a longer film session in the schedule can be useful for players to get those mental reps in.  

“Be mindful of being proactive NOT reactive with your wear and tear issues during the season!”

Jen as a player and now Coach keeps reminding that to her players.

Mobility. Flexibility. It is not all about how much you can bench press or squat? How far can you run for 10mins and not get tired? The conditioning aspect will be taken to another level in University.

At the end of the season, everybody want to succeed and WIN. How do you deal with the pressure?

Lean in to the pressure. If you shy away and try to ignore it, I think it makes it worse. Meaning, what can I do to make sure I am prepared for that moment. Jen cannot stop emphasising:”Control what you can control!”

What does it include:

  • Do you know your scouting inside/ out? (Opponents plays?Players? Do you know whats coming?)
  • Do you watch extra 10 minutes of film? (What were you advantages in previous game? How can you better attack the defense opponents were playing on you?)
  • Do you eat healthy a week prior to the game? (Burgers? Alcohol? What's your diet?)
  • Did you put up some extra shots?



Of course we want our team to win, do our best, but you do not have to be the hero. Do your role and be the best at it. It led you to where you are right now, why change something?

Advice for freshmen:

Just because you are talented doesn't mean you are going to play! There has to be a lot more than being talented in order to play and compete in NCAA.

1.Have to able to follow directions

2.Get the scout right

3.Remember the plays.

Things to think about!

Your routine

Ability to adapt

Being coachable

Working and excelling in your role