Mind Body Game

“If you don't take care of your mind, I think at some point your body will start to fail you. On the other hand a healthy mind can really boost your physical health and increase your life span.”

Asnāte Fomina. The former Latvian National Team player has traveled far and interesting journey to find herself living in Canada and making a career out of coaching athletes everywhere to improve their mental performance.

We have always known that mind controls our lives, or at least our perception of it. But how to take care of, train or heal it is still a scientific area overshadowed by stigma. The younger generations have made steps towards progress, but Asnāte is certain that we still have a long way to go.

“Everything needs to start with self awareness.”

states Asnāte explaining that building self awareness happens through noticing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. A lot of times the core reason for not having confidence is actually fear.

Changing your thought process like any habit is certainly not easy. Even for seasoned professionals such as Aleksa herself. “Your body knows what to do on the court, it's your mind that's playing games on you. You are playing games on yourself.” - the HerTake member says by sharing a vulnerable moment from her last season when she was struggling with confidence because of the low playtime.

In very different ways both - Asnāte and Aleksa have come to the same conclusion that higher self esteem starts with having compassion for yourself.

“Treat yourself with kindness and understanding, especially when things are difficult.”

Our guest believes that confidence is a skill that we all can develop.

“Practice telling yourself:

I am allowed to fail, I'm allowed to make mistakes. And I need to move on quickly because in the next episode I can make a big play.”

When asked her professional opinion of what distinguishes trully confident people from the rest, Asnāte is pretty clear - full acknowledgment of all the parts of yourself. Good and bad.

“Confident people actually have really good acceptance of themselves and acceptance of their imperfections. They don't give up easily and often share positive mindset, which is also a skill. You are not born with it.”

Digna agrees that just by taking step by step you can achieve anything and avoid getting overwhelmed.

“See nervousness as excitement not anxiety.”

As Asnāte also practices concussion preventions and treatment she is very familiar with the latest research and was more that excited to share some with us.

“A lot of high level athletes are spending time training their vision speed to improve decision making.” There are so many aspects that interconnect you body and mind. The process of self improvement never truly ends.

After holding our most insightful discussion here yet Asnāte leaves us with the message: 

“Be kind to others, but more importantly to yourself!”


We couldn't agree more.