Connecting the world of basketball

Movement fostering young female athlete excellence, bridging basketball brilliance to boundless opportunities in Europe and the NCAA.

What are we about?

Personal Development

Basketball is so much more than a game. Sticking to it develops your mindset, determination and creates opportunities in your life.

Connecting Europe and NCAA

What is the path you want to choose? Going professional right away or NCAA. We have contacts!

take your shot.

Inspiring, sharing and getting advice from Pro athletes, their experience and supporting professionals from different fields. If not you, then who?

The dream is born here...

what's stopping you from achieving it?

Why chooseHerTake?

Part of a supporting


We rise together, we fall together and we create opportunities together. We got your back and take your shot.

Worldwide connections

We are a group of professional players who create a network through basketball, which helps HerTaker's gaining exposure!

Been in your shoes not too long ago

We know what you are about, lets walk this road together.