HerTake team

Digna Strautmane

Digna is caring with a very positive spirit who cares a lot about people around her. Starting her NCAA journey at Syracuse, and ended it with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. With degree in Public Health and masters in Sports Event management she is continuing to inspire people around her. She has played in Australia, Greece and Poland.

Aleksa Gulbe

Aleksa has a positive look on things and she is always determined to achieve her goals no matter what. Her NCAA journey took a path through Indiana University. Degree of Financial management in her pocket and experience from Elite8 and Sweet16, she is playing in Spain.

Paula Strautmane

Paula is an energetic person, who is willing to fight for things she cares about. NCAA took her to a school in Connecticut called Quinnipiac where she earned her degree in Mechanical Engenering and road to Sweet16. Paula has played in Hungary, Spain and currently - Belgium.

About Us

Basketball brought all of us together. A purpose to level up women's basketball in Europe led us to create HerTake.


We have all been a part of youth National Teams, years in NCAA, and now professional club teams. We have the knowledge and connections to assist you in discovering your own journey.


Our goal is to assist girls transitioning to the next level more smoothly than we or any other athlete did before us.


We are committed to reach your goal wether it is NCAA, playing professionally or another path together with you.

take your shot.

We are taking our chance with creating HerTake and communicating with you. Take your shot on your dreams and achieve them together with us.