take your shot.

First Live Event

Girls, parents, coaches—so many of them! Some arrive straight after a game, others after a day of homework, and some even travel from distant parts of Latvia just to witness the "take your shot" event in person.

Basketball offers endless opportunities and teaches valuable mentalities such as self-trust and belief in the process. These were the main topics discussed during our panel. We invited successful women who are all connected through basketball, whether as teammates or opponents. Now, they've all reached the top in their respective fields: Marta Lovisa Jancevska, an actress at Dailes Theatre; Ieva Pulvere, captain of the Latvian National Team; Anna Rezija Dreimane, a thriving businesswoman; and Luize Skrastina, an Olympic beach volleyball player.

They've all "taken their shot" and applied everything they've learned from basketball to succeed in their paths.


endless opportunities

As basketball players, we are fueled by a relentless drive to achieve our on-court goals, igniting a daily spark within each of us. This game not only serves as a platform for competition but also as a profound teacher, instilling valuable qualities and opening doors to endless opportunities.Through basketball, we learn the art of determination, broaden our perspectives, and forge connections that transcend borders.

  • Connections becoming job opportunites
  • Determination that was learnt when playing, used to recover from a small downfall quickly
  • Developing yourself with constant education and then becoming a mentor for young talents.
  • Fight to be on the team, fight to get a scholarship in NCAA and then fight to arrive at the top in beach volleyball.


Each individual may have a unique approach and perspective on how to achieve their goals, navigating through the highs and lows of their journey. Different mentalities can keep them motivated, peaceful, and happy. During our discussion, our guests introduced three key mentalities that have aided them in reaching their goals.

  • Focusing on small steps/ small victories.

Facing our big goals while standing at the starting line can be intimidating. That's why staying open-minded, concentrating on each small step toward the big goal, and learning as we go can keep us motivated and focused on the journey.

  • Enjoying the journey.

Focusing on attacking each day and giving our best effort can help us stay on track toward our goals. Embracing the journey involves learning to love the journey, maintaining consistency, and staying persistent.

  • Setting high goals no matter what.

Setting high goals and pursuing them with unwavering dedication is another mentality embraced by our guests. They advocate for giving 100% effort every day, continuously learning, and having unwavering belief in oneself. They view falling short as an opportunity for growth and learning rather than a failure.

Trusting yourself and process

All our guests agreed on something important: no matter your goals, big or small, believing in yourself is key.

The journey towards our goals can be tough mentally and physically, so having supportive people around us is vital.

Additionally, while we aim for success, it's essential to prioritize being good to others. Coaches often look for players who are not only skilled but also kind and considerate.

Small recap

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